Work In Progress

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I started a new project today. It was a great find from the thrift store and I had visions of a shabby chic creation. I got my piece, a candelabra, ready and the weather was right so I took it outside. I grabbed my spray paint and began the first step in my re-creation. I was putting a light coat on and moving around. I shook the paint can again and then nothing sprayed out. What?? So I shook it again. Nothing. Aww man. Grrrr. I left my project to dry in the sun and walked away, defeated. There would be no masterpiece today. I looked around at all of my other works that are in progress. I seem to have quite a few of them. I start out with great intentions and then things go astray. Maybe I need a product that I have to order. Maybe I don’t like how it turned out and I’m trying to think up a plan B. Mabye it’s not in the budget. There are a lot of reasons for my works that are in progress. I try to think of the lesson in this. If I can find a lesson in it, I don’t feel as defeated or disappointed. The first thing that came to my mind is people. We are all works in progress. God is tweaking us a bit here and maybe moreso over there. He’s shaping us every day. I imagined God, our creator, looking at each of us. He see’s us all as beautiful . He also knows that we need to grow. He knows what needs to happen for us to get to that point. Yet, we look to him and get angry. We don’t like our situations or circumstances. He knows better than us though. He knows that through our trials will come our biggest growth. So he lovingly allows us to continue to develop. And when the time is right, just like in my many projects, we have what we need to finish. Unfinished projects aren’t a bad thing. Within each project lies the hope of something new, improved or better. And so it is with us. We’re all unfinished projects on our way to becoming a masterpiece.

By: Jodi Spenillo

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